City Assessment

CM provides an overall vision for a city development based on comprehensive, full-scale analysis. We use both cabinet research and field studies.

We also explore the opportunities for implementation of technological solutions for common city problems.


We define identity and introduce life in new residential projects in the city with the help of new elements of infrastructure, branding strategy and public space design.


Communication Strategy

We work with our client’s objectives and values to make sure they match key stakeholders’ and decision makers’ interests. Primarily we interact with local and federal authorities, experts, citizens and media. Our work results in a detailed communication strategy that aims different counter-parties.



Urban Strategy and  Planning

We develop comprehensive master plans for large and complex urban territories, and offer the full range of services and support  any project through its completion. 


Infrastructure development Strategies

We offer sophisticated solutions that imply legislative, technological and social changes and make usual urban services more convenient, easier to use and manage.
We provide structured implementation programs that assume short-term quick wins (2-5 years), mid-term (5-15 years) and long-term strategies (15-30 years).

Project Financing

We facilitate project financing providing access to international capital markets and financial organizations.