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ArtKvartal  is a pilot project of transformation of a 510 ha urban space in center of Moscow into a new quality area with lively streets and rich cultural life, new public spaces, active street-level floors, pedestrian and bicycle paths, as well as convenient transport system.

We created ArtKvartal Development Concept for the Union of Creative Territories. Our task was to manage the international project group of seven companies. We organized the development process, and were in charge of adapting the offered solutions to real conditions and managed the process of decision-making. The Concept is continuously being elaborated and work on concepts of the 11 districts of ArtKvartal is still in progress.

The master plan shows an important relationship between existing educational and business institutions as well as historic, current and proposed physical structures. The master plan itself describes the important steps and processes that will allow a growing community of residents and businesses to build a great urban district. The aim of the work was to envision a comprehensive plan able to cope with the demands of permeability and integration into the larger context, while providing a specific solution for creating a completely new and human-friendly space to live and work in. One of ArtKvartal’s main purposes is the creation of new public spaces. To accomplish these goals, ArtKvartal transforms existing streets and the river embankment to provide high quality pedestrian-focused environments. ArtKvartal improves the infrastructure of Moscow, ranging from main streets and cross-block connectors, to public squares. All of these changes will improve the quality of everyday life within the city.

ArtKvartal project resulted in a comprehensive master plan of 510 hectares area that was subdivided into smaller sections of 25-45 ha each. At this detailed level, a lot of attention was paid to the public space development strategy, 
and to the importance of taking into consideration the pre-existing identity of each section. One of such sections with an area of 28 ha is a high quality, low-density residential district. The ambience of this place takes us to Moscow of 18th century with many green spots, where private and public courtyards mix to form a ribbon of park-like environments. 


As well as the Moscow River on the south of the area creates an atmosphere of a riverfront promenade.


The ArtKvartal Concept Masterplan is a plan to guide the transformation of a 510 hectare area of land in the centre of Moscow into the city’s principal creative, digital and design hub.



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