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The general concept of the Theme Park of Russia is based on the ideas of Russian symbols within the identity of the country as a whole, with a creation of scenario and principal scheme of a future organization of the territory.  The system of “three orbits” forms the basic concept of the Park; each one is dedicated to a special theme and concentrates objects of different zones – educational, sport or recreational.

Educational orbit crosses Park from north to south and includes scientific and educational area, theme park "Nature of Holidays", conference rooms and Expo Center; Sport orbit captures the largest part of the southern territory of the Park, such objects as a waterpark, tennis academy, football, hockey, areas for summer and winter sports and mini golf are situated here. Recreational orbit passing from west to east includes safari park, existing forest   areas, landscape miniatures park, zoo and farm for studying and taking care of animals. 

Within a zone where all three orbits intersect, Presidential Botanical Garden is located - the most protected from the harmful effects place where not only the majority of plants from all over the country are collected, but also the most precious species are saved.

Form of the Park follows the contours of the country; planning structure is based on the same principle of real geographical similarity. There are three main centers in the Park, each of which has its own specifics. Thus, in the north, near the main entrance to the park 'Saint-Petersburg' is situated, which includes cultural and educational function (the exhibition halls, convention centers, offices and research laboratories). The second key point of the park is 'Moscow' - the center of entertainment and commercial services (hotels, restaurants / cafes, shops, etc.) It is located at the intersection of the axis 'St. Petersburg' - 'Sochi' and walking avenue “Endless Russia”, thus giving to visitor the greatest variability in many ways. The third point - 'Sochi', sports and fitness center of the Park including both winter and summer sports due to its location.


The general concept of the Theme Park of Russia  is based on the ideas of Russian symbols within the identity of the country



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