Citymakers International is a full-cycle
city development company and an international community of urban development experts


We specialize in the transformation of large and complex urban territories.  Our mission is to help cities improve the quality of living for their residents, create a clear political agenda and inspire the local economy


Citymakers was created by partners who share the belief that the city of the future should be built around high-quality public spaces. 
We think that a happy citizen is the basis of any prosperous city or society. Thus we create human-oriented environment to increase the index of happiness and to contribute to the level of social satisfaction.




We live in a world where the fast pace of technological innovation is dramatically improving the nature of our cities and the way we live in them.
We believe that by using life programming - our concept of forecasting people’s habits and needs in the particular city areas, methods of public space transformation it is possible to build an open and happy urban society.